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"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do." Brene Brown 

Trying to function in day-to-day life while struggling to conceive can be immensely stressful, exhausting, and anxiety-producing. I am dedicated to serving and supporting people who are trying to become parents. I have specialized, extensive post-graduate experience and training in infertility and third party reproduction, and am LGBTQIA affirmative.

With compassion, sensitivity, and a breadth of knowledge about the infertility experience, I assist people grappling with diagnosis, treatment options, and decision-making about alternative family building or childfree living. Together, we will identify and highlight personal and relational strengths, work to diminish stress and anxiety, and bolster positive coping skills. I further encourage self advocacy, healthy communication, and thoughtful decision making. 

I often conduct psychological evaluations for intended parents who plan on using third party gametes, embryos, or a gestational carrier. This informal interview is typically a required part of working with an IVF or fertility clinic, especially when utilizing donated sperm, egg, embryo, or gestational carrier. Not intended to act as a gate keeper, this session instead addresses such potential issues as secrecy vs. privacy, who and when to tell about the child’s birth story, the decision whether or not to reduce if deemed necessary, and exploring parental responses regarding spontaneous splitting or multiples. It is often a chance for partners to discuss their feelings about parenthood, and to gently uncover any discrepancies or differences on important matters that may not have yet been discussed. 

Infertility and Third-Party Reproduction: Service
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