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“It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.” -Henry David Thoreau

Our work together will enable you to:

  • have a good relationship with yourself

  • stop negative, attacking self-talk

  • be able to treat yourself compassionately in the face of making mistakes

  • hold appropriate boundaries with others

  • learn vital relationship skills, such as: 

  • how to speak up for yourself with both strength and tenderness 

  • how to repair when things veer off course

  • how to listen in a way that your partner feels heard and understood 

Romantic Couple Enjoying View


Most of us in love relationships tend to get caught in an ugly cycle from time to time.
Its time to break the cycle of resentment, frustration, and disconnection, and get unstuck for good.

I will help you:

  • identify negative patterns of behavior and interactions that are causing disconnection

  • address and heal the traumatic underpinnings that is keeping your relationship stuck

  • learn new tools to increase intimacy, trust, and sense of safety between you.

Together we will do the kind of work that produces lasting change.

Couple's Feet in Bed


Your erotic life, and all the ideas, judgements, feelings, and preconceptions you carry around about it, matters. 

When there’s one or more aspects of your sexual expression that feels stuck or problematic, it can be really helpful to talk it through with a trained professional. I am knowledgeable and comfortable helping you address delicate areas of your private life. 

Some of my specialties include:

    •    navigating disparate erotic desires

    •    dismantling sexual shame and stigma

    •    discovering creative solutions for a low-sexual marriage 

    •    deconstructing sex and body-shaming messages 

    •    helping find solutions for consensual non-monogamous or polyamorous configurations

    •    supporting a betrayed partner who has discovered an affair 

    •    supporting LGBTQIA, kinky, and/or gender non-conforming teens and adults 

Holding Hands


"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do." Brene Brown

Trying to function in day-to-day life while struggling to conceive can be immensely stressful, exhausting, and anxiety-producing. I am dedicated to serving and supporting those who are trying to become parents. With compassion and sensitivity, I assist people grappling with diagnosis, treatment options, and decision-making about family building options, third-party reproduction,

 or childfree living. Together, we will identify personal and relational strengths and work to diminish stress and anxiety. I will help you to bolster positive coping skills, and encourage self advocacy, healthy communication, and thoughtful decision making.

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