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Couple's Feet in Bed


Your erotic life, and all the ideas, judgements, feelings, and preconceptions you carry around about it, matters. 

When there’s one or more aspects of your sexual expression that feels stuck or problematic, it can be really helpful to talk it through with a trained professional. I am knowledgeable and comfortable helping you address delicate areas of your life. There is never any touching involved.

I specialize in helping couples navigate desire discrepancy and discover creative solutions for a low-sexual marriage. Together we will talk about the messages you got growing up about sex, gender, and your body, and work to dismantle any lingering stigma, body, or sexual shame. 

Sex therapy is also used to deeply support those who are navigating the impact of extra-marital relationships. Perhaps you have recently discovered your partner’s infidelity, wanting to better understand your own forbidden liaison, or are looking to find solutions for consensual non-monogamy or polyamorous configurations. I am comfortable and experienced exploring matters of the heart and its often seemingly oppositional needs. 

I am further committed to safely holding space for anyone working through any kind of sexual trauma. I see clients across the gender and sexual spectrum, including those in the LGBTQIA and/or kink communities. 

Sex Therapy: Services
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